How we're doing our part to save the world

Here at Spoaster, we are doing our part to give back to this world we call home. We do that primarily by 2 ways : 


  • a percentage of proceeds from the sale of Splates goes towards a dedicated cause
  • saving a drink from spilling saves resources


Nowadays in such a technology connected world, we are usually never more than an arms reach away from valuable electronics. We've already <explained> how the Spoaster works and each time it prevents a drink from spilling, we all win. Resources are saved on clean up (napkins, paper towels), the drink (hey, getting that drink from mother nature to your door cost something!) not to mention whatever valuable was lying around (phones, electronics, tablets, top secret valuable documents). 

<slow mo video of beer falling with no Spoaster>

With the collective power of all the Spoasters saving drinks around the world, this cumulative savings will definitely add up.